Led interior lighting design basis

Residential lighting design

New energy-saving light sources should be used as far as possible, mainly incandescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps, supplemented by straight tube and ring fluorescent lamps. Pay attention to the coordination of light color and environment.

Illuminator plays an important role in interior decoration. When choosing the shape of lamps, attention should be paid to the coordination with the use, style and area of the room. Such as: living room, dining room lighting decoration performance is strong; The lamps and lanterns in kitchen and toilet should have moisture-proof function.

The installation of kitchen lamps and lanterns should avoid the shadow on the workbench, and the selected lamps and lanterns should be easy to clean; In addition to the general lighting for ceiling layout, the bathroom also needs to set up a mirror lamp for local lighting. It is best to use warm color light source, which can better set off people's skin color.

It can meet the requirements of illuminance standard of each room function and the brightness distribution is reasonable. Generally, the brightness balance should not exceed 10:1.

Choose lamps with high safety, easy disassembly and assembly, simple structure and generous appearance to facilitate light source replacement and daily maintenance.

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